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First Degree the D.E.'s "Tacoma Rap" ft. SIC ILL

"Tacoma Rap" (LP) ft. SIC ILL x Awall aka 2piece x Josh Rizeberg


"Tacoma Rap" (Album)
1. Josh Rizeberg ft. Awall aka 2piece - Getrifuckation
2. Blue Nose Music - Can't Handle the Night
3. Awall aka 2piece - Jimmy Hendrexx
4. SIC ILL - Fast N Hot
5. Various Artists - Smell of Greatness
6. Thunderchief - The March
7. Greg Double ft. Goph & 5ive 3re - Everybody's Talkin
8. Majr D ft. Young Deezo & Tek - Portland
9. SIC ILL - Aladdin
10. Thunderchief & Greg Double - Empezar
11. Greg Double ft. Gamble - Corridor
12. Awall aka 2piece - Slow Down
13. SIC ILL - Dancing Bare
14. Greg Double ft. 5ive 3re & Thunderchief - Don't Play with Me

Fahrenheit Records, the label owned by Sacramento underground rap mastermind First Degree The D.E. from Strange Music's Brotha Lynch Hung's classics "Loaded", "Dinner & a Movie' among other releases. This is a compilation from Tacoma, Washington (25 miles south of Seattle). Key tracks include Josh Rizeberg's "Gentrifuckation", Awall aka 2piece's "Jimmy Hendrexx", and SIC ILL's "Fast n' Hot". It is available in physical and digital formats on now!! (So buy/purchase...)

(Check out SIC ILL, the nerdcore rapper famous from worldstarhiphop for his Sonic The Hedgehog inspired raps like "Labyrinth Zone Act 1" featured below via Youtube also on VEVO)

SIC ILL - Labyrinth Zone Act 1

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