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    I live in a small little town in Georgia. I'm 30 years old and I don't like to give out a lot of information about my identity over the internet. Basically, I built this website as a learning to programming on the web. I've tried to write applications on the computer, but didn't get involved with it very much since little documentation existed (that I knew of) on how to write Windows programs. So I moved on to easier web programming which I've been doing for a long time. I still remember when IE 4 and Netscape 2.02 were modern browsers. From there, I've learned how to code in PHP, CSS, MySQL, and of course HTML.
    I do a lot of electrical stuff. Before I repainted my room, I had plugs and wires everywhere. I never worried about a fire starting, because I always checked over my work and made sure no fire was ever going to start and none ever did. Now, my room doesn't have too many wires, but my desk is another story. For Christmas, I put up lights in my room around the windows and doorways. It took $23 to control them and 4 hours of putting it together before I could use a dimmer on all of them and control them individally by a switch. I figure since I put a lot of work in it and it taking a long time putting up the lights, I was not going to take them down. It's not like they will look out of season. I may post pictures on this site to show you what I'm talking about. Now, my desk is the central station for all the controls to permanent lights and all the computer stuff (including the home network).